Manifest for equality

The Vall de Lord Forestry Association wants to highlight its commitment to promote measures that facilitate the cultural change necessary to move towards gender equity and in line with what is pointed out on goal number 5 of the ODS (UN Sustainable Development Goals). For this reason, they promote the following decalogue:

  1. We give visibility to women and we work to systematically include them in governing bodies, boards and commissions, ensuring this visibility is extended to all events that are organized or where there is representation while always guaranteeing parity.
  2. We use non-sexist communication and language, which results, among others, in the use of the generic concept.
  3. We work to promote labor equity in agriculture, livestock and forest management, while highlighting data and equity indicators that help reduce discriminatory situations in the industry, services and public administration sectors.
  4. We make available this decalogue to all the companies and institutions we are linked to, with the intention that they also promote the dissemination of indicators and the development of action plans to move towards parity.
  5. We promote fairness in all the alliances that are established by the Vall de Lord Forestry Association.
  6. We give visibility to female references who reflect and disseminate the role of women in the forestry, agriculture and livestock sectors.
  7. We reinforce the role of mentors who support women in their process of onboarding into the labor market.
  8. We work to promote agriculture, livestock and forestry vocations in all educational stages, mainly among girls.
  9. We work to encourage social and cultural diversity in all areas, also promoting female talent in the agriculture, livestock and forestry environment.
  10. We provide special support to people suffering any discriminatory situation related to gender, social or cultural reasons within the workplace, as well as in any case of violence against women.

The members of the Forestry Association of La Vall de Lord commit to comply with this decalogue. Because only with the involvement of all of us, we can make the necessary change to contribute to achieve a more egalitarian, equitable and fair society.